Atlanta Motor Speedway offers a variety of camping options for tents, pop-up units and RVs. On non-NASCAR event weekends, RV camping with hook-ups are available for $35. For information, call (770) 946-4211.

Motorama Camping Options

Electric and water hook-up spaces as well as dry camping can be reserved for the weekend. For more detailed information and to reserve your space, contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway ticket office at 770-946-4211 or email

Camping Guidelines


Although alcohol is permitted, please keep in mind this is a family camping area. Profanity and excessive noise will not be tolerated.

Noise Ordinance

The use of public address systems, bullhorns and other devices generating excessively loud noise are prohibited at all times. AMS reserves the right to judge what constitutes excessively loud noise levels and guests in violation may be asked to lower the noise level or leave the premises.


Please remember all fires must be confined to a grill, firepit, or barrel. Fires should be attended at all times and put out completely when not in use.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Please respect your neighbors

Golf Carts & ATVs

For safety of all fans, NO golf carts or ATVs are allowed on Speedway grounds. Only purpose-built single person vehicles for handicapped persons will be allowed.


Each space will be allowed one vehicle with appropriate pass that must be displayed at all times. Any additional parking is in our general parking area.


Pets are permitted in the family camping area but must be accompanied at all times.


There will be 24-hour security available. Please do not hesitate to report any disorderly conduct to the campground supervisor or any security. Fireworks, firearms or drugs are never allowed on the premises.


We do allow the use of generators. AMS recommends all generators have an exhaust flow pipe and be placed on the entry side of the camper. We ask that campers use courtesy toward their neighbors in the placement of generators. AMS security or campground officials may ask that you relocate your generator if it disturbs those camping around you.